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Advertisers are chasing Facebook performance, but how are their campaigns actually performing today?



While spend on Facebook ads has more than doubled since January 2017...

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Facebook engagement is in decline

According to research done by BuzzSumo, a group that analyzes data science trends, Facebook engagement has seen a steady downward trend since the beginning of last year. In fact, they noted a 20% decline in the first 6 months of 2017 alone.

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CPMs have increased nearly 3x

Despite increasing spends, the decline in engagement has seen CPMs skyrocket. The average CPM in January 2017 was around $4, but in June has grown to over $11.

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CPCs have more than doubled

Similarly, CPCs have seen exponential growth. Where clicks could be found for around $0.42 in January, by June they had nearly reached $1.

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Click Through Rate has remained stagnant

Despite growing ad spends, CTRs on Facebook ads have struggled to keep up. In the first 6 months of 2017 Click Through grew by only 9%, far behind the 120% increase of CPC or the 170% increase in CPM.


If advertisers can't get results from Facebook, where can they turn for reliable ad performance?

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In an era of declining social media ad return FieldTest has shown itself to be a leader in open web advertising


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Better Targeting

Your customers visited 7 sites today besides Facebook. Wouldn't you like to reach them where they read? Using our Platform, our clients can enjoy premium inventory across major publishers with audience data targeting and our proprietary data for CPMs under $5.

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Better tech

Taboola and Outbrain have in-feed boxes dominated by click bait titles and shock value images that lead to unknown publishers. When you buy on these exchanges you are limited to the sites they work with and there is very limited targeting available. With FieldTest you can buy on virtually any site and you have access to more than 40 data providers with tens of thousands of audience targets. Our tech allows us to optimize your buying to weed out what doesn’t work for your brand, which means you pay less but get much more.

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Better optimization

FieldTest only serves ads on premium publishers to proven intenders. We then observe the results and optimize campaigns based only on the specific intender groups that worked. We also provide rapid creative A/B testing to remove guess work from the creative process. This provides our customers not only with high ROIs and low CPMs but also the clearest possible roadmap to consumer point of sale or conversion. This means your campaigns will continue to see better results the longer you advertise with us.

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Better control

FieldTest offers an elegant, editorial-style ad unit built to showcase your content and give you full creative control. Use existing headlines or write your own. Use your own images or pick from thousands of images available to license from our fully-integrated shutterstock library. Our rapid headline and creative A/B test reporting helps you make the best decisions for your campaign. Our partnerships with Content creators, Publishers and Creative agencies have produced some of our most successful campaigns as the great content they produced for clients found new customers via our Platform.



FieldTest Ads Work

No other company offers to unique blend of ad tech and programmatic experience that we offer. Using our Platform, our clients can enjoy premium inventory across major publishers with audience data targeting and our proprietary data for impressive CPMs. Our clients regularly inform us that FieldTest results beat the competition, including FB, Taboola, Outbrain, Steelhouse and Criteo.

Optimized FieldTest campaigns delivered

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When Facebook ads fail, FieldTest is there to pick up the pieces


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