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Your earned media is your best tool to reach and inform new customers

With the FieldTest digital ad platform, your brand can easily set up, flight and manage your online display advertising campaigns. We give you the power to build and edit creatives, target key intenders, optimize spend and view results all from one easy-to-use online dashboard. With thousands of premium audience segments to choose from and the entire Shutterstock image library built-in, all you need to advertise your brand is a URL. FieldTest makes digital brand growth easy. 

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Here's how it works

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Give us links to sites you want to promote

This can be your homepage, your product, some good press about your business, or anything else you want to promote

We turn those links into beautiful content ads

Ads made with FieldTest's platform are designed to outperform standard banner ads, especially when used to promote brand content and press

we serve your ads to your custom audience

We make is simple to target by age, gender, location or interest so your ads end up in front of people most likely to love them

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Preferred Placement on premium publishers

We serve your ads across the internet on top publishers, above the fold in what we call a nearly native presentation. This premium placement ensures that your ads are seen by customers most likely to engage with them and that your brand is not associated with negative adjacency to clickbait.

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avoid negative reach

Why be here





Traditional content recommendation platforms will place your ads in places where your customers wouldn’t want to look, much less engage. Ads created with the FieldTest platform are stylish, elegant and optimized for preferred placement, providing true brand uplift and connecting you meaningfully with your audience.

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Powerful enough for the pros and easy enough for everyone else

We've designed our ad platform to be easy and intuitive enough for beginners but full-featured enough for career advertisers. First digital ad campaign? We offer one-on-one assistance for all new sign-ups. Seasoned advertising pro? Just log in and you're ready utilize our top of the line tech. With the FieldTest ad platform, the full power of online display ads is available to everyone. 

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why use the fieldtest platform?


Research shows that social media only accounts for 30% of internet use. Why swim upstream on social media and exclude yourself from reaching the majority of online intenders? Fieldtest makes it easy to put your ads in front of the millions of potential customers you miss by promoting content exclusively on social media.


Fieldtest’s audience targeting gives you the ability to serve your ads to intenders with proven interest in brands like yours. Using our exclusive first party data, and with access to the world’s largest data sources available, we offer comprehensive demographic and interest targeting.


We offer full attribution tracking and detailed post-campaign reporting to maximize return on your ad spend. Whether you want clicks, installs, or purchases, we offer the tools to make sure you achieve campaign success.


Fieldtest's self-serve platform gives you the tools to create editorial-style banner ad units that are designed to outperform traditional online display ads.

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Our clients love working with us

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Richard White, MLBPA

“FieldTest was a key ingredient for the successful launch of Major League Baseball Players Association Infield Chatter app. They demonstrated a great understanding of our objectives and strategies. I was impressed with their commitment, level of detail, perseverance and focus on our objectives”

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Jane West, CEO

“FieldTest’s support of our company was instrumental to our marketing efforts during our fundraising. They understood the complexity of supporting a crowdfunding raise in the nuanced cannabis industry and their unique approach significantly increased the total number of investors. Worth every penny.”

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Jesse Tilner, Four Sigmatic

"When shopping around for a native platform, we wanted to work alongside a company, not just be another client. FieldTest has been amazing to work with and our performance speaks for itself. We continue to increase revenue numbers as the FieldTest team hand-tunes our campaigns for optimal performance. They are extremely easy to work with and have created a platform that is perfect for beginners to advertising experts."


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